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Results of the 12th All-Russian Möbius Contest (2008)

The 12th Möbius Contest was held in autumn 2008. The Jury was glad to note that the number of participants considerably rose compared to the previous year. Forty one work was submitted: 26 works in the nomination "Undergraduates and graduates" and 15 works in the nomination "Undergraduates".

At the meeting of October 30 the Jury chose works for the final. Ten participants reached the final. The final round was held in November 12, 2008. All the participants came.

Möbius Contest 2008, the nomination "Undergraduates and graduates"

The winners

  • 1st place - Efimov A.I.
  • 2nd place - Gorin V.E.
  • 3rd place - Gugnin D.V.

Diploma of the finalist

  • V’yugin I.V.
  • Gusev G.G.

Möbius Contest 2008, the nomination "Undergraduates"

The winners

  • 1st place - Shakirov S.R.
  • 2nd place - Naumenko A.P.

Diploma of the finalist

  • Lubyshev V.F.
  • Fedotov S.N.
  • Eliyashev Y.V.
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